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H.I.T.T. Facility

High Intensity Team Training

Team Schedules

Batting Cages and Full Practice

HITT Members may use one batting cage and/or pitching lanes during green and yellow schedule slots


About H.I.T.T.

This is an 80-foot x 60-foot turfed, heated indoor Facility including a waiting area and ADA compliant restroom. Membership discounts on equipment including bats and gloves. All screens and balls provided. Just bring your personal gear. All dividers and batting cages are retractable to allow full access to the entire facility. All the facility’s practice areas are artificial turf.  Ground ball practice with a diagonal distance of 85-feet will allow catchers to practice throws to second. A 21-foot center ceiling and 16-foot sidewalls will allow short fly ball practice. When not being utilized as a full facility, it will be split into two 40-foot x 60-foot spaces.
•    Pitching Lanes--The East half of the facility will be 2 pitching lanes and additional green space Each lane has a pitcher’s mat, target, and radar gun. 
•    Batting Cages -- The West half of the facility will have two retractable batting cages and a tee area. Batting cages contain pitching screens and targets. The batting cages can be used for coach pitching, full pitching, or hitting tee work. Batting Cages are coach or parent pitch, no pitching machines.

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1430 Contractors Blvd
Plover, WI 54467

(715) 630-8882

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